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The Who’s Flying Where Cell Phone App has proven to be very handy for several RC Wingers pilots over this past summer.
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Who’s Flying Where Cell Phone App

Free from RC Pilot Magazine

Text and photos by Tom Hintz

Posted – 12-27-2013

Several RC Wingers pilots have been using the Who’s Flying Where Cell Phone App and it has proven to be very handy. This app is offered by RC Pilot Magazine at no cost! It is available for both the IPhone and Android. (Link to the download page below)

The app lets you search for flying fields near your location and then file “Flight Plans” telling other pilots when you are going to be there. You can set the date, time and duration of your stay at that field. You can also file multiple flight plans for that one field or for a bunch of fields. When you file the “Flight Plan” you have the option of having the app send out a notice to other pilots telling them of your intentions.

The Who’s Flying Where Cell Phone App has a tracking function that you can turn on that shows when you are within 1000 yards of a particular flying site. Others can bring that screen up and see if anyone is already at the field. I know it sounds a little “Big Brother-ish” but you have to turn that function on so it need not be used at all if you choose not to.

So, thanks to RC Pilot Magazine for a great app! This app is very well done, works great and doesn’t seem to suck any more battery power than anything else in today’s phones. It is nice to see if someone else is already at the flying field so the more RC Wingers we get using it the easier it will be to meet up! Flying RC is always more fun when there are other RC Wingers there!

Entering your "Flight Plan" is easy and quick.
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Download the Who’s Flying Where Cell Phone App at the link below

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