Club Field Rules

1. Do not fly over houses that are East of the runway (respect the property owner)

2. Only Club members in good standing may fly at the field except as noted. To be in good standing Club dues must be paid up to date and be a current AMA member.

       a) Club members may bring guest AMA pilots to fly on three occasions
within a 6 month period. Guest AMA pilots wanting to fly more
frequently will have to become a member of the R C Wingers.
      b) Non AMA members wishing to fly may do so using a buddy box
setup with a Club member controlling the master radio.

3. Speed is not to exceed 10 mph on the driveway entering or leaving the field.

4. All pets must be kept on a leash and under the control of their owner so as not to cause a distraction or general nuisance.

5. Anyone using 72mhz shall not turn on a transmitter or receiver without obtaining the correct frequency pin from the frequency board and using a valid AMA card. This does not apply to 2.4ghz users.

6. Engines can be run on the tables for test purposes as long as the aircraft or helicopter is properly restrained.
7. No aircraft will be permitted to taxi in the pit area.

8. Helicopters started must be carried to the runway.

9. All pilots shall make it known to other pilots of their intentions of taking off, landing, engine out landing or stopped on the runway.

10. All aircraft started on the ground should be properly restrained.

11. Pilots shall perform takeoff and landing as the wind direction dictates unless under emergency situations.

12. If a pilot loses control of their aircraft for any reason, they shall make everyone aware of the situation.

13. The flight boundaries are posted on the bulletin board and must be followed without exception unless there is full loss of control.

14. Except for gliders flying at a safe altitude, no pilot shall fly their aircraft behind the pit area or fly their aircraft toward the pit area.

15. No pilot shall fly their aircraft in a reckless or dangerous manner.

16. Only Club members and pilots shall be permitted in the pit area except children under the direct supervision and control of an AMA member.

17. It is the responsibility of every Club member to address an issue with anyone at the field, who by their actions or the actions of their pets, children or guests: are causing a distraction to the pilots flying; creating a concern for the wellbeing of members models; causing a general nuisance or behavior not consistent with the mission of the field; AT THE TIME IT OCCURS OR IMMEDIATELY THEREAFTER.

These rules are to ensure R. C. Wingers, Inc is in compliance for insurance coverage and provide a safe flying field for the enjoyment of members, invited guests and the general public.

In the event of an emergency, the address and directions to the field are posted on the bulletin board.


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